Experience, Research and Knowledge


Experience Matters when helping clients successfully manage their wealth. As Partners we have over 70 years of combined experience guiding our clients through the investment implications of life events like the sale of a business, the establishment of trusts to manage taxes and pass assets to the next generation, and the mentoring of younger family members as they begin to participate in their family’s investment planning process.

Research and Knowledge are also fundamental to our ability to identify and understand historical context, the current macro-economic setting and the unique insights required to find new opportunities for our clients. At New Market Wealth Management we rely on generating independent research, thought and analysis. As investment professionals, we believe that having access to elite research from a wide array of providers enhances the depth of our knowledge and prevents research bias. For this reason we obtain research from a number of partner firms and sources. Through them we access broad market research and comparative data, analytical tools, economic and capital market insights and sophisticated asset allocation and risk management capabilities. We utilize a due diligence process in manager selection which encompasses quantitative analysis, risk screening, operational and compliance review, and provides insights from over 500 face-to-face meetings with current and prospective managers annually.

We’ve chosen Schwab as our custodian, although clients can direct us to work with other custodians as well. Schwab has over 1,800 professionals dedicated to custody, trading and operations support. A $10 billion dollar company, A-rated by Standard and Poor’s and Fitch, Schwab is world class. Partnering with them helps assure that our clients’ assets are safe and well protected. As an added protection, all our client assets are held in the client’s name; we hold no managed assets in our own name. Schwab’s financial strength and thought-leadership in the custody field mean clients experience best-in-class technology, access to information, and reporting.