Our clients look to us for thoughtful investment solutions reflecting the realities of today’s global markets. We believe the portfolio workhorse of the past 30 years—a globally diversified stock/bond mix—will no longer protect investors the way it has historically. World equity markets now seem to move in lockstep and bond markets are vulnerable to rising interest rates. As such, simple global diversification of stocks and bonds leaves investors exposed to much greater risk.  New thinking is required

Our goal is to build conservative, research-based portfolios which are fee- and tax-conscious and keenly focused on managing volatility. Our clients’ portfolios are exposed to a wider range of options encompassing traditional investments and highly selective exposures to sources of returns from less-traditional investments like Private Equity, Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS), Real Estate Investments, Hedge Funds, Oil and Gas Limited Partnerships, Farming, Timber, Natural Resources, Infrastructure and the like. Generally, these types of non-traditional investments have been shown to provide significant diversification benefits to investors because their movements are less correlated to the major markets. Yet, with proper manager selection, they can offer increased returns to investors over time. While new to many individual investors, this strategy has been used successfully for decades by many of the world’s most sophisticated endowments and wealthiest families.