Manager Access


In order to experience top tier performance, you need access to top tier managers and a systematic on-going manager due diligence process. We offer this by leveraging our strategic partnership with Cliffwater and its over 30 investment professionals.


Cliffwater’s team of consultants has advised large endowments, foundations and pension plans for over twenty years. That experience, coupled with their extensive network of managers, investors and intermediaries, means they are sought out by managers looking to identify appropriate investors. What’s more, their proactive approach to sourcing new funds means they often are in contact with managers well before formal fundraising efforts begin. This access is now available to New Market Wealth Management.

Due Diligence

The key criteria we use to identify managers worthy of investments initially, and on an on-going basis, include:

  • Quality of the firm—Experience and background, key personnel, how long the team has worked together, management fees relative to expenses, distribution of firm ownership and references
  • Quality of track record—value creation, top-tier results, risk-adjusted benchmarks, returns consistent with stated strategy
  • Effectiveness of strategy—deal sourcing details, investment process, competitive advantage
  • Attractiveness of terms—governance and partnership terms, alignment of interest between management and investors

Due Diligence Process Graphic

While many firms perform some level of due diligence in the areas of people, process and performance, we believe the Cliffwater research stands out for the level of operational and legal due diligence performed for the alternative investment funds they cover.

Operational Due Diligence Process Graphic

This depth of resource commitment to manager due diligence, as well as manager access, is a significant differentiator of our firm, and a true benefit to our clients.

Fiduciaries First

Lastly, and most importantly, we act only in the best interest of our clients in manager selection. New Market Wealth Management does not receive any financial compensation by investing our clients’ assets with a particular manager or fund. This allows us to judge each investment solely on its merits—a level of independence not available through broker-dealers or firms which also create and sell products. Our clients have the confidence that we are acting as their Fiduciary, with a responsibility to put their interests ahead of our own.