Our Values


We formed New Market Wealth Management because our work and life experiences told us there was a better way to help people manage their money. Our foundation is built on honesty, integrity, avoiding conflicts of interest and creating intimate, enjoyable relationships with our clients. We built a firm where we’d feel comfortable investing our own money (and we do).

We understand the issues our clients face. Like so many of them, we’ve managed our savings to send our kids to college; been successful entrepreneurs creating, running and selling businesses; helped our elderly parents navigate the emotional and financial complexities of aging; set up trusts to support our children, and their children; and sat on the boards of non-profits and academic institutions. Managing finances to support these life experiences is important and difficult. We know. We’re doing it, too.

In this business, research provides an edge. We have always understood that a successful investment strategy stems from research and knowledge, which is why we’re so proud of our strategic partnership with one of the preeminent advisory and research firms in the country, Cliffwater LLC.

  • Portfolio Construction: We have a dedicated team of analysts research asset allocation theory, investigate the latest methodology and scrutinize historical returns and forecasted economic data to establish return and risk expectations for each asset class. This detailed work allows us to model different asset mixes and to construct portfolios most likely to meet your goals.
  • Manager Research: With over 30 Cliffwater investment professionals conducting institutional-quality due diligence on investment managers, we believe the strategies and funds we recommend are best in class. Large corporate funds, school endowments and state pension plans rely on the depth of knowledge provided by Cliffwater’s research team, and this expertise is now available to our firm.
  • Risk Management: Portfolio volatility can eat away at investment returns. Our approach—rooted in research—includes the use of complementary, non-correlated assets, non-correlated assets to help smooth out returns. We approach investing the same way the most successful institutions have been doing it for decades.
  • Integrity: In an industry where research recommendations, manager selection and the sale of specific investment products often provide financial incentives to the advisor, it is important that clients work with a firm with undivided loyalties. New Market Wealth Management acts as a Fiduciary on behalf of its clients—putting their best interests first. Our research is truly independent and we do not accept fees of any kind to recommend managers or funds.

We have the expertise honed from decades of working with wealthy individuals and we treat our clients like people, not accounts; we know you’ll feel comfortable here.