Reporting and Communication


More than ever before, wealthy individuals hold a wide range of complex securities in numerous accounts with various managers. Keeping track of the what, who and—most importantly—the why is getting harder and harder. Here’s how we will help.

Consolidated Reports

We provide our clients with reports showing all their assets and transactions, not just those invested with us. This gives them the ability to look at their liquid net worth holistically—not account by account. Having this high level view, and the detail to back it up, is a powerful tool which helps ensure that our clients remain on track to meet their objectives.

  • Asset Allocation Reports help clients monitor their exposures to different asset classes and risks across managers. This holistic view brings our clients’ total liquid net worth into clear focus, facilitating on-going review and adjustment.
  • Total Fee Analysis identifies all the costs clients are paying to have their assets managed across all accounts. The number is often surprising and in this era of lower market expectations, hidden costs and fees can reduce total investment returns dramatically. That’s why we emphasize that clients should always know what they are paying, why and to whom.
  • Performance Reports are calculated after-fees. Our consolidated performance reports also track the returns of your entire liquid net worth—not just the portion you have entrusted to us, helping to answer the difficult question, “How am I doing, overall?”
Quarterly Strategy Updates

We provide a quarterly written report highlighting our investment outlook, a review of the markets, economic insights, comments on our clients’ investments and performance. Additionally, we send our clients articles, market updates and white papers on a regular basis. Our goal is to provide clients with the thought leadership and insights they require to stay informed and involved.

Web Portal

As a society, we’ve come to expect instant access to any information we want. Investment information is no different, and that’s why we provide a secure, on-line portal where our clients can see balances, account activity and the performance of all their investments, at New Market Wealth Management and elsewhere, 24/7.