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Educated, informed clients make better investment decisions.  Our goal is to provide clients, and our network of professionals, with the information they need to understand the global capital markets, the psychology of investing and how best to achieve their financial objectives.  But more than just provide data, we offer insights and explanations—ways to spotlight what really matters, and to disregard the investment ‘noise’ that continuously bombards our society.  We do this in a variety of ways.

On a weekly basis we distribute our Market Digest.  This piece highlights recent market activity and provides our perspective on topical and current events.  On a quarterly basis, we prepare our Capital Markets Review which provides an analysis of pertinent economic data and activity in the global capital markets over the previous quarter.  On a regular basis we publish our Research Insights—white papers that dive more deeply into a specific asset class, investment theme or industry trend.

Of course, having face to face conversations are the best form of communication.  That is why we offer an educational speaker series called Strategic Discussions, where we bring together clients, professionals and industry experts.  In an environment which encourages the exchange of ideas, we introduce and discuss sophisticated investment strategies which can have meaningful long term impact on investors’ success.

Market Digest
6.8.16 Dialing Up the Risk
6.1.16 CNN and the 24/7 News Cycle
5.25.16 Protecting Yourself From Your Financial Advisor and,
Institutional Lessons to Invest By

5.11.16 Looking for higher costs and underperformance?
5.4.16 Can savings be a bad thing?
4.27.16 Lessons from the Largest Institutions
4.13.16 “The investor’s chief problem, and even his worst enemy, is likely to be himself” – Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor
3.30.16 The Greatest Week in Sports
3.23.16 TIPS Tailwind
3.16.16 $19 Billion at Stake in Suitability vs Fiduciary Standard Rule Proposal
3.9.16 Bear Markets Can Be Shorter Than You Think
3.2.16 Who Benefits from “Lower for Longer” Oil Prices?
2.24.16 Caution: Reaching for Yield Can Be Hazardous to Your Spending
2.17.16 Just How Smart are Smart Beta Funds?
2.10.16 IRA Contributions
2.3.16 Superbowl Sunday
1.27.65 Evaluating the Business Cycle
1.20.16 Market Timing Pitfalls
1.13.16 Rate Hikes and Municipal Bonds
1.6.16 Investing for 2016 in an expensive market
12.23.15 Looking Back and Looking Ahead
12.19.15 All Eyes on the Fed
12.09.15 MLPs: Returns and Opportunities
12.2.15 Fiscal Stimulus Around the Globe
11.25.15 Happy Thanksgiving
11.18.15 Tragedy in Paris
11.4.15 The Private Client Investment Arena–Experiencing a Quiet Revolution
10.28.15 It cost what to trade a bond?
10.21.15 Flying Cars, Hoverboards and…the Cubs?
10.14.15 Global Growth and Why It Matters
10.7.15 Third Quarter Earnings Preview
9.30.15 The Hero Network
9.16.15 All Eyes on the Fed
9.9.15 The VIX: What is it and why do we care about it?
9.2.15 “Breaking News” in China?
8.26.15 5 Things Investors Should Not Do Now
8.19.15 Enjoy The Last Few Days of Summer
8.12.15 Impact of Chinese Stock Market on Its Economy
8.5.15 Opportunities in Master Limited Partnerships
7.29.15 Tax Loss Swaps in Separately Managed Fixed Income Accounts
7.22.15 The Role of Alternatives in Diversification
7.8.15 A Simple Lesson Worth Repeating
7.1.15 Happy 4th of July
6.24.15 Fixed Income: Preparing for Rising Rates
6.17.15 All-Time High
6.10.15 Inspiring All Girls
6.3.15 “Time In” the Market

Capital Markets Review
1Q16 First Quarter 2016
4Q15 Fourth Quarter 2015
3Q15 Third Quarter 2015
2Q15 Second Quarter 2015
1Q15 First Quarter 2015

Research Insights
White Paper: Taking the “Versus” Out of Active vs. Passive
Firm Brochure: Overview of New Market Wealth Management

Strategic Discussions
5.17.16 Protect Yourself From Your Financial Advisor
9.24.15 Turning Duress into Investment Strategy
2.19.15 Invest Like an Institution