Research and knowledge are fundamental to our ability to identify and understand investment opportunities for our clients. Given our strategic partnership with Cliffwater, we have access to institutional-quality research on the capital markets, asset allocation and investment managers, which we believe will benefit our clients.

Capital Markets

Successful investing for the long term requires an understanding of global capital markets and how broad macro trends—as well as short term influences—can affect your portfolio. Markets cycle. Economies expand and contract. Volatility ebbs and flows. We believe that knowing when to react and when to stay the course can make a big difference. We dedicate significant resources to understanding the big picture (global economic data, geopolitical factors, central bank actions) as well as shorter term technical factors and headline risk.

Asset Classes

Using Cliffwater’s research and asset allocation expertise, we develop expectations for both short term and long term risks and returns for all the major asset class, including:

  • Traditional US Equities (Large, Mid. and Small Cap; Growth, Core and Value)
  • Non-US Equities (Developed International, Emerging Markets)
  • Fixed Income (Tax-Free Municipals, Core and Core Plus Strategies, High Yield, Global Bonds)
  • Real Assets (Real Estate, Natural Resources, Commodities)
  • Alternative Assets (Hedge Funds, Private Capital, Venture Capital, MLPs, BDCs)

These return expectations are used in models which help guide decisions on long term strategic asset allocations, and shorter term, opportunistic tilts. The result is a carefully constructed, diversified portfolio with the goal of minimizing volatility and maximizing returns, while incurring the least amount of risk.

Investment Managers

Top tier investment returns are the result of investing with top tier managers. But having a process in place to source, evaluate and monitor managers is the key to finding those in the top tier. We focus on just that with the support of Cliffwater’s manager research.

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