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Sharing our views on topical and current events is done weekly in a condensed, easy to follow newsletter we call The Market Digest. In this piece, we provide an update on the performance of major equity indexes and highlight pertinent economic developments. We invite you to browse through some of our recent newsletters below.

Market Digest

3.27.19 Cautious Signals from the Bond Market
3.20.19 Buy and Hold: Easier Said Than Done
3.13.19 The Gap Between Cheap and Expensive
3.6.19 OZF’s: The Devil is in the Detail
2.27.19 Debt, Taxes and Beer
2.20.19 National Debt: Does it Matter?
2.13.19 Corporate Earnings Check-In
2.6.19 Historically Low Interest Rates?
1.30.19 A Closer Look at the Slowdown in China
1.23.19 Global Risks: World Economic Forum
1.17.19 In the Middle of Difficulty Lies Opportunity
1.9.19 The Boogie Man Under the Bed. Fourth Quarter Capital Market Review
12.26.18 Expert Predictions
12.19.18 Will Santa Claus Rally the Market?
12.12.18 Alternative Investments on the Rise
12.5.18 Year-End Reminders
11.28.18 Global Growth Slowdown
11.21.18 Happy Thanksgiving
11.14.18 Gridlock May Be a Good Thing
11.7.18 Earnings Scorecard
10.31.18 Third Quarter Capital Markets Review: The Investor’s Version of Jefferson’s Dilemma
10.25.18 Food for Thought
10.17.18 Unnerving Volatility
10.10.18 Climate Change as an Investment Thesis
9.26.18 October May be a Bumpy Ride
9.19.18 Aftermath of Hurricane Florence
9.12.18 Working with an Investment Professional Doesn’t Have to be Confusing
9.5.18 An Impressive Show from Corporate America
8.29.18 Back to School: College Edition
8.22.18 The Last Few Days of Summer
8.15.18 Taking Stock of the US Economy
8.8.18 Client Interests Come First? Not Likely.
8.1.18 Global Bond Indicators: A Reminder to Proceed with Caution
7.25.18 Second Quarter: Capital Markets in Review
7.18.18 MLPs: A Mid-Year Check In
7.11.18 US Consumers Are Looking Good
7.4.18 Happy Fourth of July!
6.13.18 Oh Baby! Is There a Recession Coming?
6.6.18 Caution: Muni Bonds Are Better Than They Appear
5.30.18 Why Shouldn’t What’s Best for You Matter?
5.23.18 A Closer Look at Emerging Markets
5.16.18 Private Equity Outperforms Public Equity by 4%
5.9.18 Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and the Future of the Universe
4.25.18 Interpreting The Yield Curve Message
4.18.18 Capital Markets Review, First Quarter, 2018
4.11.18 From Public to Private: A Dramatic Shift in the Capital Markets
4.4.18 Strategic Discussions

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